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Before There Was Steve Jobs, There Was Oscar Goldman

Sometimes, life imitates art. Sometimes, reality is the most potent drug of all. Steve Jobs understood that. Oscar Goldman understood that.

Before there was Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, there was Oscar Goldman and Rudy Wells. Jobs was the ideas man, and Woz was the technician who could build the personal computer.

Oscar Goldman was the ideas man, and Rudy Wells was the physician who could rebuild Steve Austin.

The Other Nixon (1930-2016)

Marni Nixon was a name that Hollywood did its best to keep out of the credits, even as she found herself in one after another cinematic blockbuster of Hollywood’s Golden Age that featured the likes of Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and a young Natalie Wood.

Remembering Casey Kasem

At times, it’s easy to be cynical about this country, this world, and everything in it. But other times, there is room for optimism. And so it is with the Casey Kasem story.   Like many a kid in the…

Calling It Quits

For some strange reason, I like knowing which public figures are alive and which aren’t. It’s almost a matter of pride. I also like pleasant surprises, of which there seem to be fewer and fewer as time marches on. Learning…

Kaddish For Reuben

Considering he’s just a TV character, some of the crustiest punks I know have had surprisingly strong feelings about Reuben Kincaid. It boils down to family issues and the search for a suitable male role model. Needless to say, these…


By now, the question “Ginger or Maryann?” has been asked a million times in a million drunken places. But when was the last time anybody bended the gender and asked: The Professor or Mr. Howell? Gilligan and the Skipper can…