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ROCKFORD FILES: “This Case Is Closed” S1 E6

A plane touches down at LAX. Moments later, Jim Rockford is striding through the terminal with cagy purpose and the feigned nonchalance of a man who knows he’s being watched. Rockford finds a payphone and reports to his client, a Mr. Warner Jameson. Rockford informs Jameson that something “a little weird” happened back in Newark, and that Jim will fill him in later. But first he has to go home, shower and change. It’s pretty obvious from Jimbo’s body language that whatever happened in Jersey has left him feeling uneasy and unclean.

Match Game 74, Episode 165

In the same way that Mad Men opened a door into the lives of 1950s squares and turned them into more interesting and fully-realized characters, Match Game gives us an unscripted glimpse into what was really going on behind the big hair and wide collars of 1974.

The Age of Television

PROLOGUE   I’m hardly the first guy to ponder the end of television, merely the last. The epiphany came at a Berkeley cafe in Fall 2011, when I overheard one college freshman say to another, “I can’t wait to go…

Remembering Casey Kasem

At times, it’s easy to be cynical about this country, this world, and everything in it. But other times, there is room for optimism. And so it is with the Casey Kasem story.   Like many a kid in the…